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Helpful Assistance Information for those with Disabilities

A collection of information to assist in improving the quality of life for those suffering from the effects of accidents or illness.

Helpful Assistance Programs and Resources for the Disabled

For those with disabilities financial security can be difficult.
Fortunately, there are a number of programs and resources in place to help those suffering from disabilities.

211 Texas – The emergency help phone number for essential human services.

Everyone knows that in an emergency, you can dial 911 for police, fire and EMS services. There is another number you can call if you have a different type of emergency. 211 helps link people to public assistance and can connect you to assistance for food, housing, medical care and more.

How the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Assists the Disabled

The HHS provides access to a wide range of services for the Texas population that is disabled which it defines as someone who is limited in one or more major life activity such as vision, hearing, walking and moving, or cognitive abilities.

Housing Rights for the Disabled – Know the Law

Securing appropriate housing can be difficult for the disabled. Protect yourself by knowing the law.
Having a home of one’s own and achieving an independent lifestyle are values most people share. Housing costs in general seem to rise every year, but for persons with disabilities the affordability gap has widened considerably.

Disability Benefits and Taxes

If you are receiving Social Security or Long Term Disability benefits, you may be wondering how it will affect your taxes. Taxes can be complicated, and the information provided here is only intended to act as a guide. If you have a complex or unique situation, please seek the advice of an accountant or tax attorney.

Advance Directives for Health Care and why you should have them.

Do I need to prepare an Advance Directive for Health Care? Every adult has the right to make decisions about their medical treatments as long as they are mentally capable of doing so. This right is called informed consent and means that a doctor or nurse must explain the purpose, benefits, and risks before a patient agrees to treatment.

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Finding Help for Depression

If you are suffering from depression help is available. It is very difficult to get better on your own.
Depression is the most widespread disability. Despite its prevalence, there is a negative stigma associated with the disease. An estimated 80% of those with depression do not seek treatment.

Homelessness and applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

People who have a disability and are also homeless have the same rights and privileges as individuals who are not experiencing homelessness. The Social Security Administration participates actively in the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) in efforts to reduce and end homelessness.

Able Accounts – Savings accounts for the disabled

ABLE accounts – A tax-free savings account for some receiving SSDI that does not affect their benefits.
The Social Security Administration has established a means for some recipients of disability benefits to save up to 14,000 a year tax free that will not change their disability status.

Hot Weather and the Disabled – Avoid Danger

As hot weather once again arrives in Texas those with disabilities should be especially careful to avoid heat related illness. As we slide into summer and temperatures rise we all need to be aware of the dangers of heat and sun exposure. Heat waves result in hundreds of deaths each year.

Making Your Living Space Disability Friendly

If you are suffering from the effects of a disability there are ways to improve your home to help ease the challenges of your everyday life. Everyone wants to live in a home that is comfortable, safe and enjoyable. For the 56.7 million people living with a disability, a dwelling must also accommodate their mobility and functional challenges in order to live a more independent life.

Steps you can take to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

What steps can you take to Prepare for a Natural Disaster?
Often, it’s not until an event like Hurricane Harvey has come and gone that people think about how to prepare for a natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey will not be the last violent storm or natural disaster to occur in Texas.

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Disabled

New Year’s Resolutions can be a powerful tool for those with disabilities. New Year’s is almost here, a time when many people reflect on their progress during the past year and improvements they would like to make in the future.

Common Internet and Phone Scams targeting the disabled

Disabled people have to be especially vigilant to avoid scams. It is an unfortunate reality that disabled people are frequently targeted by criminals. Many scammers will impersonate government entities, major businesses, and recognized brands to gain your trust.

TSA Screening and Flying with Disabilities

The TSA is working to help relieve anxiety over air travel for the disabled.
For those with disabilities the security check process can be intimidating and confusing so the Transportation Security Administration has some suggestions for those with disabilities to help ease difficulties encountered during air travel.

PALS – Pet care assistance for the Disabled

The emotional stress and physical pain of being disabled can be overwhelming, especially if faced without family or friends. A special animal companion to count on can be a much needed lifeline for those with mobility issues and having a pet to talk to and care for can make all the difference.

Service Animals – Comfort and Help for those with Disabilities

Many people with disabilities find service animals help them navigate everyday life. Many establishments don’t allow pets, but they are required to allow service dogs to go where the general public can go by the ADA. An SS Disability Lawyer explains

Protecting yourself from Health Hazards in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

What are the health risks following a hurricane like Harvey and how do you avoid them ? In the aftermath of this violent storm various health and safety hazards linger. Among them are disease, contamination from chemicals, contamination from leaking sewage, and injuries.

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