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Austin Social Security Disability Lawyer

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With over 75 years combined trial experience the attorneys of Bemis Roach & Reed
assist the disabled in Texas recover the disability benefits they deserve.

Social Security Disability Appeals

If you are considering filing an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Texas or have already filed and been denied benefits, our attorneys may be able to help. Over 65% of SSDI applications are initially denied often due to mistakes on paperwork or other technicalities. Our attorneys can help ensure that your claim meets the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) requirements and that you have the best chance possible to recover the benefits you deserve. In the event your claim is denied, our Austin Social Security disability lawyers can guide you through each step in the appeals process, from the first appeal to the federal district courtroom, if necessary.

Long-Term Disability Appeals

Long term disability insurance companies routinely deny disability coverage having decided that they are not governed by the state disability laws, but by federal ERISA law. As a result, people suffering with disabilities are forced to navigate the highly intimidating Federal Court system. The application forms can be confusing and involve many deadlines that need to be met in order to receive a favorable judgment for disability benefits. Luckily your chances of success go up as much as 50% when filing a claim with an experienced long-term disability lawyer at your side. 

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Why Choose Bemis Roach & Reed?

Why is it important to hire a firm that only practices disability law?

Do you really want to hire a firm that does disability law on-the-side?
The attorneys at Bemis, Roach and Reed have more than 85 years combined experience representing clients in insurance claims. Many firms practice disability law “on-the-side”. They do this usually to supplement their Personal Injury practice so they typically place their case importance on PI first and disability second. Bemis, Roach & Reed is a Disability Law Firm first and last. Based out of Austin, we are arguably THE DISABILITY LAW FIRM in Texas and everyone one of our over 30 employees is focused solely on working as a team to do the best we can to ensure that your SSDI or Long-term disability claim is successful. Please take the time to read our reviews and let our previous clients speak for us. You will be hard pressed to find a more highly regarded disability firm in the state.

How much does a disability attorney cost?

Never ANY of pocket costs, we only get paid if you do.
You don’t have to provide any payment up front. We work on a contingency fee basis, so we only get paid when you do. Additionally, all attorneys’ fees are strictly regulated by the federal government and must be approved by the Social Security Administration. If your income has been compromised because of an injury or illness, Bemis, Roach & Reed is ready to help. Additionally, if we think you can win your claim without the assistance of an attorney we will tell you.

What does a disability lawyer do?

A knowledgeable Social Security Disability lawyer can:
• Evaluate your case and determine eligibility
• Explain the application filing process
• Help fill out your application and gather medical evidence
• Keep up with important deadlines
• Prepare you for interviews and hearings
• Appeal a denied claim
• Cross examine and question experts hired by the Social Security Administration.
• Represent you at hearings

Most of the administrative law judges in our area know our attorneys well.

We interact on an almost a daily basis and they are familiar with the comprehensive manner in which we present a case and we know what the judges typically want to rule favorably on an appeal. That’s why our success rate is so high. At our firm you’ll be assigned a disability case worker you can contact at anytime to learn the status of your appeal. We employ personnel whose sole job is to gather medical records to ensure your data is up to date and available for the SSA anytime it’s required. You have good reasons for filing for disability benefits and we’ll help you explore your options and guide you through Social Security’s process. Most applicants don’t know exactly what information the Social Security Administration is looking for nor how to present their claim for the best chance of approval. We can help you file your application or appeal your claim. Disability law is what we do.

The Disability Law Firm of Texas

At Bemis, Roach & Reed we work to ensure your Social Security disability claim is presented in the best possible light to receive a favorable judgment for maximized benefits. Typically that will involve working with your doctor and medical staff to gather records of treatment and diagnosis as well as statements from your physicians describing the nature and extent of your disability. We will produce all briefs and arguments necessary to present your claim in front of the administrative law judge at your appeal. We will prepare you for testifying at your hearing and will cross examine medical and vocational experts from the SSA. We will be there to walk with you through this difficult journey and will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Client Testimonials

“This is a great group of folks who held my hand through a bad place for a long time. It’s so nice to have something go my way for a change. I just really wanted to tell Lloyd thanks, my life is better now because of him.” – M.G.

“I have already sent 3 people to Lonnie Roach. He is an outstanding lawyer and was able to win my case. He is easy to talk to and he has a brilliant command over corporate disability law. I would send all my relatives to him if they needed his help. If you are going up against big insurance companies you want Lonnie on your side. God Bless You!”– Bill B.

“I found Greg and his assistant, to be very professional. They were prompt with all correspondence and transactions. During my hearing, Greg was very supportive and well organized. He was able to keep me focused and on task. He brought to my attention areas of importance that I might not of thought to mention. I was very nervous and having someone that cares about your case in your corner was priceless! By the way, we won our case!” – Ed D.

“Mr. Reed was an absolute rock of stability in the courtroom when it came time for my hearing, which greatly allayed my own nervousness. I initially chose this law firm to handle my disability case because their office is only a few miles away from my home, but that was merely an incredibly happy coincidence as I couldn’t have possibly made a better choice.“ – Anthony D.

Social Security Disability FAQS

What is Social Security disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance, more commonly known as SSDI, is a government program that offers monthly payments to people under age 65 who have a qualifying disability and have held employment consistently for five to ten years. SSDI also provides benefits to disabled widows and widowers of workers who are at least 50 years old and to children who became disabled before reaching the age of 22. Social Security fills an important financial gap in the lives of working Americans. If you are disabled due to an injury or a serious medical condition and are unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

How do I apply for SSDI?

You can apply for SSDI online, over the phone, or in person at your local Social Security Administration office. Once on file, the Social Security Administration will review your application and decide whether to approve or deny benefits. Even if you are eligible for SSDI, if your application is incomplete or is filled out incorrectly, you may be denied disability benefits. A notice of denial will state a brief description of the medical condition in question, the impairments that were considered, the medical and non-medical records that were reviewed, and an explanation why the application is being denied. A denied claim does not mean you will never receive benefits. Social Security denies approximately 67% of initial applications, often because the applicant did not provide enough medical evidence to support their claim. If Social Security has denied your claim, you should consult an attorney to appeal the decision. An experienced disability attorney is a powerful asset and can be the key to winning your case. How to apply for SSDI ->

How do I qualify for Social Security Disability Income?

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Income, you must satisfy the Work Requirements and Medical Eligibility Requirements as set by the Social Security Administration. You must have worked long enough and recently enough and you must have an injury or medical disorder that prevents you from working and has lasted, or is expected to last at least 12 months. Also, you must be unable to earn more than $1,200 per month. How to Qualify for SS Disability ->

How much income can I receive?

While the amount of payment can range from $800 to $1,800, the average monthly payment in 2019 is $1,234. If you have paid into the Social Security system throughout your life and had Social Security taxes taken out of your paycheck, you should consider filing an application to get the benefits you deserve. How much does disability pay? ->

How can I win my disability claim?

The best thing you can do to improve your chance of winning your disability claim is to hire an experienced Social Security disability attorney. The process of applying for disability benefits is complex and can take a long time. A qualified disability attorney will keep track of important deadlines and make sure all the information on your application is accurate. They will gather all your medical records and work history and provide the evidence necessary to prove your claim, including statements from your medical providers and how your limitations have impacted your work life. In the event your claim is denied, an attorney can file an appeal and represent you at hearings. The best thing you can do to win your disability claim ->

Why was my disability denied?

Most initial claims for Social Security Disability Income are denied. There are many reasons why this happens, even when an applicant has a valid claim.

1. Social Security does not consider your injury or illness a disability.
2. Your income is too high or you do not have enough work credits.
3. Your claim forms were filled out incorrectly.
4. You did not provide enough medical evidence to support your claim.
5. Your claim was previously submitted and denied.
6. You did not follow treatment recommended by your doctor.
7. You failed to cooperate with Social Security procedures.
8. Your disability is related to drugs or alcohol.
9. Social Security cannot locate you because your contact information is not current.
10. You have committed a crime and are incarcerated.
Ten Reasons why your Social Security Disability was denied ->

If my application is denied, can I appeal?

If your application for SSDI is denied, you will receive a notice of denial with an explanation of why your claim was denied and information about your rights to appeal. You will have 60 days to appeal the decision. The first step in the appeals process is to request a complete review of your file, called a Request for Reconsideration. If your claim is again denied, you will receive another letter similar to the original notice of denial. The next step in the appeals process is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge within 60 days of the date of the second denial. Administrative law judges are attorneys who work for the Social Security Administration. Their job is to hear disability cases and uphold or overturn decisions to deny or terminate disability benefits. If your appeal before an administrative law judge is unsuccessful, you can request that the Appeals Council review your case. The Appeals Council reviews claims on a random basis and can grant, deny or dismiss your case; the chances of winning a case before the Appeals Council is only 2-3%. Because the appeals process can be long and complicated, it’s best to consult an attorney as soon as you decide to appeal your case. The final stage of the appeals process is filing a lawsuit in United States District Court, at which point you will definitely need legal representation. Social Security Disability Appeal Process ->

Can I receive benefits from both my LTD insurer and SSDI?

If you are having trouble getting long-term disability insurance benefits approved, we can help. Bemis, Roach and Reed has successfully handled claims against a long list of major long-term disability insurance companies including Aetna, Cigna, Unum, Hartford, Metlife, Prudential, Standard, Connecticut General Life, Life Insurance Co. of N.A. , Lincoln Financial, Northwestern Mutual, Reliance, Assurant, CNA, Fortis, Liberty Mutual, and Paul Revere. Partner Lonnie Roach has over 28 years’ experience representing clients in long-term disability claims and is recognized by Martindale-Hubbell as an AV® Preeminent rated attorney. Most long-term disability insurance (LTD) plans will pay 50-60% of your salary. Your benefits will continue until you begin working again or for a specific number of years stated in your plan. If you have a short-term disability insurance plan (STD), your LTD benefits will begin when your STD payments end. Your LTD insurer will require you to file for Social Security Disability Income also, and will offset any benefits you receive against your LTD payments. At Bemis, Roach and Reed we know what it takes to give you your best chance at winning both your Social Security and private long-term disability claim. Our entire staff is solely dedicated to help folks like you win the benefits you deserve. Receiving both SSDI and LTD benefits ->

Our Disability Attorneys

Lloyd Bemis

AV Preeminent rated top disability lawyer with over 25 years experience in winning disability claims against big insurance companies and the government. Very highly rated by both clients and peers.


Lonnie Roach

Highly experienced and successful ERISA Long-Term disability attorney. One of the top appellate lawyers and one of the most published in Texas he is a top choice for winning long term disability appeals.


Greg Reed

Selected to SuperLawyers honor list 6 years in a row. Perhaps THE leader and authority in Social Security Disability claims in Texas. A true industry resource in the field of disability law. The ss disability lawyer you need.

Fred Hawkins

A former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas and has over 25 years experience in winning complex legal claims. Selected as a member of the Federal Court’s Western District Merit Selection Panel


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Has your disability been denied?

Most disability claims are denied initially.

Fortunately, your chances of winning needed benefits go up as much as 50% with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer. The LTD and SS lawyers of Bemis, Roach & Reed have been helping folks just like you win claims since 1993. We urge folks not to give up. Your financial future is too important not to fight for the assistance you deserve. Give us a call and let us help you explore your options, the consultation is completely free, and we would love to help. We have an A+ BBB rating, have won client service awards and are listed in SuperLawyers. Know what your rights REALLY are, let us fight for you. Please don’t delay, there may be deadlines expiring. Call 512-454-4000 and get help from Texas’ premier ss disability lawyers today!

Experienced, Trusted, Successful. Since 1993

Austin Social Security and Long Term disability lawyers of Bemis, Roach and Reed
were recognized as AV Rated attorneys by Martindale-Hubbell.

The AV Peer Review Rating is an outstanding achievement. This elite status demonstrates that an attorney has earned the highest rating available for their legal ability and professional ethics. Partner and Austin disability attorney Lonnie Roach earned an AV Preeminent Rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 for his ethical standards and legal ability. Mr. Roach specializes in ERISA and long term disability cases. He is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Roach is the primary appellate lawyer at The Law Offices of Bemis, Roach & Reed. Additionally, he has successfully argued cases before the Texas Court of Appeals, the Texas Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

Page Author: Lloyd Bemis
Lloyd’s exceptional legal skills, his comprehensive case preparation and compassion for his clients make him one of the top attorneys in Texas for appealing denied disability claims.

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