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If you have skin cancer you may qualify for disability benefits. If you have been denied benefits don’t give up.

Skin Cancer is the most common, but least dangerous form of cancer. Nearly one-fifth of people will experience an episode of skin cancer. Skin cancer is so common because its main cause is unavoidable – Ultraviolet rays from sun.

Skin cancer disability

If you have skin cancer, it may prevent you from working. The SSA recognizes skin cancer in the list of conditions eligible for benefits for certain individuals. If you have been denied benefits you may wish to appeal the claim. Call 512-454-4000

The sun is essentially a massive nuclear explosion that emits enormous amounts of energy at varying wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum is a way of measuring types of radiation by wavelength. A short wavelength represents more energy- gamma rays, x-rays, and UV light all have short wavelengths and are invisible to the human eye. Visible light has a medium wavelength, and heat, or infrared energy, has slightly longer wavelength. Microwaves and radios use low energy radiation. We can’t see ultraviolet light because it is outside the visible range.

If you have been denied disability for Skin Cancer you may still qualify for benefits. Contact an experienced Social Security disability attorney at 512-454-4000

Even though ultraviolet energy itself can’t be seen, its effects are clearly visible.

Ultraviolet radiation penetrates the skin, causing cell mutations. The body has special cells called melanocytes which release pigment to prevent cell damage. While popular culture may present a tan as healthy, it is actually the body’s response to radiation damage. When ultraviolet radiation has mutated a significant number of cells, the body uses heat, pain and inflammation to remove the damaged cells.

Repeated damage to skin cells by sun exposure leads to cancer.

Having one or more second-degree sunburns in childhood doubles a person’s risk of developing skin cancer. Avoiding sun exposure and staying safe in the sun is the best way to prevent skin cancer. Keep in mind the easy-to-remember principle of “slip, slop, slap” – slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.

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Most initial claims for benefits are denied. If you would like help applying for benefits or fighting a denial, the attorneys at Bemis, Roach and Reed can help. We have experience filing claims and appealing denied disability claims. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Early detection is essential in treating cases of skin cancer.

One of the most noticeable signs of skin cancer is changes in moles. Moles can be evaluated with the “A,B,C,D,E” system. Asymmetrical shape, Border irregularity, Color variations, Diameter of over 6 millimeters, and Evolutions in color and size are all indications of skin cancer.

There are different types of skin cancer distinguished by which cells are damaged.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common cancer and is recognizable by growths that look like open sores or red patches. Basal cells are skin cells at the base of the epidermis and when they mutate it causes anomalies on the surface of the skin. The second most common type of skin cancer is Squamous Cell Carcinoma which is caused by mutations in the squamous cells. Squamous cells are the skin cells on the outer layer of skin. Cancer in these cells is more likely to spread than Basal Cell carcinoma. Both types of carcinoma are generally treated with Mohs surgery- a highly targeted, systematic removal of the cancerous cells one layer of skin at a time.

Melanoma is the third type of skin cancer.

It is the most deadly, so it is fortunate that it is also the least common. It used to be that melanoma could not be treated with Mohs surgery because it was too difficult to see, so less exact tumor removal methods were used. New advances in technology now allow doctors to better locate the cancerous mass and remove it using the more precise Mohs surgery method.

Contact a Social Security disability attorney at 512-454-4000 for a free consultation and see if you can get disability benefits for Skin Cancer. If you have been denied disability don’t give up!

If you have skin cancer, it may prevent you from working.

The Social Security Administration recognizes skin cancer in the listings of conditions eligible for benefits, and will approve applicants with:
A. Sarcoma or carcinoma with metastases to or beyond the regional lymph nodes.
B. Carcinoma invading deep extradermal structures (for example, skeletal muscle, cartilage, or bone).

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Even applicants with less serious skin cancer may be approved it can be demonstrated how their condition prevents them from earning an income. The majority of initial applications for Social Security benefits are denied. Having an attorney can help. If you have applied for Social Security benefits or Long Term disability and been denied, contact the Law Office of Bemis, Roach and Reed for a free consultation. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help appeal your disability benefits claim. Call 512-454-4000 and get help NOW.

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