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Your chances of success go up as much as 50% when filing a claim with an experienced disability lawyer at your side.

Thousands of people each year become eligible for private long-term disability or Social Security disability benefits due to accident, illness or other medical conditions that inhibit their ability to work.

Over 65% of those who apply for SSDI are initially denied often due to mistakes on paperwork or other technicalities.

Our team can help ensure that your claim meets the Social Security Administration’s requirements and that you have the best chance possible to recover the benefits you deserve. In the event your claim is denied, we can guide you through each step in the appeals process, from the first appeal to the federal district courtroom, if necessary. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

Get the Benefits you Deserve:

  The average SSDI benefit amount is about $1,537 per month, but you can receive up to around $3,822.

   By the time most are approved they are eligible for back payments of benefits.

   There are never any out of pocket costs. There is no charge to you unless we win.

   You will have the assurance of a Texas Disability Lawyer standing beside you who has done this successfully countless times before.

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If you could provide us with some basic information about your claim our friendly staff will get right back with you.

“This is a wonderful law firm! When I developed MS and was no longer able to work I had no idea the antics of the insurance company I was about to encounter. They were literally “setting me up” to fail. They were telling me everything was going to be ok and denying my benefits, saying one thing and doing another. That is when I decided to speak to a lawyer for advice. I spoke to a couple of different ones, and then Lonnie. Best choice I ever made! He is extremely knowledgeable of the disability law (good and bad), explains everything to me in detail, always takes the time to talk with me, and helped me get through a very difficult time. He is very thoughtful, honest, knowledgeable, and direct which is exactly what I need. He is on top of everything and he took a huge load off of my shoulders! I absolutely highly recommend Lonnie and his firm!”

— Tonya L.

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You need to get going now, don’t delay – there is a five month waiting period.

For you to receive the maximum amount of backpay (going back for the 12 months before the date you applied), you must have an Established Onset Date of at least 17 months prior to your application date. Let us help you with this so you receive the maximum benefits possible.

Long Term Disability

If you have a private Long-term disability policy such as Unum or Cigna we can help. It has become a common trend for long term disability insurance carriers to deny valid disability benefits claims either initially or after paying for a year or two. Don’t give up! Believe in your claim, let us help you get the benefits you deserve. We know what your rights REALLY are.

We have successfully handled cases against: The U.S. Government, Aetna, Cigna, Unum, Hartford, Metlife, Prudential, Standard, Connecticut General Life, Life Insurance Co. of N.A. , Lincoln Financial, Northwestern Mutual, Reliance, Assurant, CNA, Fortis, Liberty Mutual, Paul Revere, and many others.

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