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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Social Security Disability Lawyers in Texas

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis? Does your rheumatoid arthritis prevent you from working and functionally like you normally would? You may be qualified to receive Social Security Disability benefits due to your rheumatoid arthritis.

Our Austin, Texas Social Security Disability lawyers may be able to help you apply for disability benefits, or to appeal a denial of your benefits. The complicated application process for Social Security Disability benefits can take months, and even after all that time your applications may still be denied. Rheumatoid arthritis can be a disabling disease, and can prevent you from working long-term or permanently. Call the Law Offices of Bemis, Roach & Reed today to schedule a free initial consultation. We will help determine whether you are eligible to receive benefits. If you are, we will then work with you to apply for and receive your disability benefits.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects millions of Americans. This disease can causes swelling of joint linings, and can lead to joint pain, bone erosion, or joint deformity. Severe cases can even affect your other organs, such as your eyes, skin, blood vessels, and lungs. Rheumatoid arthritis usually starts in the minor joints in your hands and feet but can quickly harm your knee, shoulder, elbow, and hip joints. When rheumatoid arthritis gets bad enough, it could force you to quit working. There is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis, though several treatment options exist including medication, physical therapy, or surgery. When you are unable to work because of your rheumatoid arthritis, it can be difficult to pay your medical bills.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits for your rheumatoid arthritis is very complex. If your condition is moderate or severe, you may be entitled to benefits if you can show that your disease is

  • RA in your leg joints causes significant difficulty walking
  • Your RA affects joints in both of your arms, causing difficulty with different tasks
  • Your inflammation or joint deformity is present in your major joints and organs, causing additional harmful symptoms
  • Your RA and other symptoms regularly flare up, making day-to-day activities difficult
  • Your spine has joint disease and deformity cause by your RA
Call Our Social Security Lawyers Today

Bemis, Roach & Reed has over twenty years of experience helping people apply for Social Security Disability benefits. We care about your claim, and know that you may be having financial difficulty while waiting for your benefits. This is why we offer everyone a free initial consultation, our fees are capped at $6,000, and the only costs you pay come from the back benefits compensation you are owed. If you live in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Central Texas, or Dallas/Fort Worth, call us toll-free at (866) 433-4979 today. Our lawyers are waiting to help you with your Social Security disability benefits claim.

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"Words can not truly express the gratitude that I feel toward Mr. Lonnie Roach and his professional team. I give them an A+++. Very compassionate and prompt. Their priorities are first and foremost helping you succeed at your case. When you feel helpless, feeling like someone is on your side can mean the world to you. Thank you for working for the people."
-Amy K.

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