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Litigation attorneys at Austin Personal Injury Law Firm Bemis, Roach & Reed are committed to providing exceptional legal services for personal injury, insurance benefits, disability benefits, denied disability claims, and Social Security Disability cases. See what some of our clients have to say:

Alicia C. Testimonial

“Everybody on staff gives you the confidence in that you are an individual, you are a person. If I have any other difficulties I will definitely come back to them. I’ve referred several clients over to them.”

– Alicia C.


Approximately three years ago, I took a fall off an ambulance. It was an accident. I slipped and fell out of the truck. I hurt my lower back, my upper back and neck. I had a concussion and I hurt my arm.

Mr. Reed:

Our disability practice is probably one of the most emotional parts of our practice. It’s emotional for our clients for several reasons. You have to understand that all of our disability clients are going through some extremely difficult, physical, emotional and mental issues.


The company I worked for went bankrupt. They sold the company. I effectively was terminated back to the date of injury. All of the insurance I had used up to that point, I now had to pay back – all of the monies for all of the medical care. Everything was snowballing at my house, as far as everything medical.

Mr. Reed:

There are a lot of folks who go to the internet now for their information. Sometimes you can get good information off the internet, sometimes you can get bad information. If you do your research on the internet with regard to law firms, there are a few areas that you really need to focus on. You need to find out where that law firm is based. A lot of the websites that you go to won’t really give you an indication of whether or not you’re hiring a local attorney. You may be hiring a lawyer out of Dallas, or a lawyer out of San Antonio. That’s important for a couple of reasons. If your case is going to be tried in Austin, Texas, you need a lawyer that’s familiar with the court system in Austin.


In the internet search, Bemis, Roach & Reed was the only company that had the ERISA and the Social Security Administration – that handled both types of cases in one law firm.

Mr. Reed:

I would advise most people to come to a lawyer before they even file for Social Security Disability. Getting through the Social Security Administration is not an easy process.


When you start out with the Social Security Administration, there is an online application and procedure. It is very lengthy. I think it took me two weeks to completely finish it.

Mr. Reed:

For the most part, you can anticipate being denied without an attorney. If you’ve got the easiest case in the world, you probably don’t need an attorney, but most clients have complicated health issues.


Once I was denied both the initial and the first appeal, that’s when I hired Bemis, Roach & Reed.

Mr. Reed:

And so they really need somebody who’s got experience in dealing with Social Security to be able to put the records together in a format that is both understandable and persuasive.


Everybody on staff gives you the confidence in that you are an individual, you are a person.

Mr. Reed:

The difference between going to a large firm and a small firm is personal service. And by personal service, I mean exactly that. You develop a relationship with the attorney that you hired.


If I have any other difficulties I will definitely come back to them. I’ve referred several clients over to them.

Mr. Reed:

I would say 60%, 50% of our clients come from either referrals from attorneys or from folks who we have already represented who have been happy with the services that they have received. It does great things for us as well. It makes us feel good about relationships that we establish, both professionally with other attorneys, and with the clients that we have helped and the families that we have helped.

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5 star disability lawyers

"Words can not truly express the gratitude that I feel toward Mr. Lonnie Roach and his professional team. I give them an A+++. Very compassionate and prompt. Their priorities are first and foremost helping you succeed at your case. When you feel helpless, feeling like someone is on your side can mean the world to you. Thank you for working for the people."
-Amy K.

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