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Bemis, Roach & Reed no longer handles Personal Injury cases.
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The insurance industry has been pressing for a change in the way legal action is funded and compensated for some time. On April 1, the following changes will go into effect.

First, an injured claimant will now be told that they are no longer legally responsible for the defendant’s legal fees if their claim is unsuccessful. This will help to claimant as they will no longer have to worry about paying legal cost, which could be substantial.

This does not mean, however, that the claimant will get away with no payment. The claimant currently can get insurance against the risk of paying these costs, which covers the defendants’ legal costs if the claim is unsuccessful. The claimant’s lawyers will normally be acting on a “no win, no fee” basis, but the insurance also covers the other costs incurred by the claimant in bringing the case, like experts’ fees. Therefore, if the claimant is not successful, their costs should all be covered by insurance. Also, the reasonable premium for this insurance is payable by the defendant if the claim is won (and is often waived by the insurers if the claim is lost).

The claimant is now entitled to recover the cost of insurance except for some very limited circumstances in clinical negligence cases. The unsuccessful claimant can, therefore, be liable for experts’ fees, court fees and other additional expenses. Medical reports can sometimes cost thousands of dollars which most claimants cannot afford.

For those eligible, there is legal aid for clinical negligence cases, however this will be abolished on April 1. Only a very limited number of claimants will be eligible.


Austin Texas Disability law firm Bemis, Roach & Reed provides legal services to disabled individuals throughout the State of Texas. If you or someone you know is in need of a successful Long Term disability lawyer or Social Security disability lawyer, call us at (512) 454-4000 or contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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The 7 most common reasons Long Term Disability claims are denied.

The 7 most common reasons Long Term Disability claims are denied.

Long term disability claims evaluated by insurance companies can be denied for any number of reasons, even in cases where a disability is clearly evident. An ERISA LTD attorney explains.

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